River Larry

The chain and rope heaving days are over!

Welcome to the home of the “Water Wench” a rock-solid River Larry anchor system,
built for strength, with craftsmanship, and for ease of use.

This is the most reliable boat anchor system available.

  Pinpoint anchor placement can be achieved with ease.
10,000 hour continuous run 12-volt motor.
Draws only 13 amps under full load.
3/8" diameter kern mantle rescue rope. (50 ft. max.)
8,000 lb. strength with 1.2% water absorption rate.
Continuous run industrial gearbox with built in pressure relief valve.

12 Volt System
120 lbs.
Patent Pending 2017

We do boat modifications and have anchor boxes, oar locks, and other boat accessories.
Custom built and American made.


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